Facebook ads in Malaysia are subject to a service tax of 6%.

Beginning 1 January 2020, Facebook ads in Malaysia are subject to a 6% service tax. This affects advertisers whose “Sold To” country on their business or […]
Mecaca Blogpost 01-What You Should Know About WordCamp Asia 2020

A Snippet of WordCamp Asia 2020 and How It Begins

The Born of WordCamp Events Since WordCamp Asia 2020 is nearly there, you might be wondering when did it even starts. The very first WordCamp was […]
WordCamp Asia 2020 - Student Discount

WordCamp Asia 2020 – The Biggest Event For You

Asia’s First WordPress Event of the Year The first-ever WordCamp Asia will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on February 21-23, 2019. In the past years, there […]
WordCamp Asia 2020 Black and White

It’s That Time of the Year – WordCamp Asia 2020

Asia’s First Flagship WordCamp Following the first two flagships, WordCamp US and WordCamp Europe, and now the WordCamp Asia is finally here! WordCamp Asia 2020 will […]